Lucky September 🍁

I’ve had a booming September!

My Peacock Descending A Staircase was selected for one of’s New This Week curated collections. They have thousands of artworks to choose from so it’s always an honour. I sold 3 prints: Peacock Descending A Staircase

I sold a number of postcards and custom stamps through my Instagram: @lisangart

I sold 2 Flamingos In The Bathroom hand towels and 1 shower curtain off my Society6 page: Lisa Ng Art Society6

Finally, the biggest news of all I sold my Horned Lizard painting I finished 3 years ago! It’s headed to the USA 🇺🇸 ! The buyer got in touch through my Etsy page: Lisa Ng Art on Etsy

September marks the 1 year while sales have been steady, averaging a painting sale a month and spurts of prints here and there. Although I don’t want to jinx it, you just never know in art, some years are good and some years are bad. Regardless, after years of losing money and counting on nothing but hope, it’s worth celebrating 🥳 Thanks for the support ❤️

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