Naked Mole Rat In A Cardigan

Naked Mole Rat In A Cardigan acrylic on canvas 9 x 12 x 1.5 inches 2022 $400 CAD

A naked mole rat in a cozy green cardigan, part of my Ugly Animals In Cute Outfits series, he hides underground only to be found under a spot light. Known better for his hearing rather than sight, he enjoys ol’ timey toons on his gramophone. Hanging out underground means coming across time capsules, fossils and cried treasure. Travelling through tunnels underground, he enjoys this tubular wallpaper to which he is familiar. With an appreciation for the birthday suit, he hangs onto an Egon Schiele nude.

Ugly Animals In Cute Outfits: Taking a seemingly unfortunate situation and seeing for what it can be/ truly is, unique, opportunity, beauty and glory! Featuring the world’s most underrated animals, be proud of who you are, personality and character go a long way.

All four edges are painted and therefore does not require a frame, complete with a hanging wire it is ready for your enjoyment.

All paintings are one of a kind originals.

Painting and prints available at:

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