When 2 Wake Windows Close A Painting Window Opens (In My House Of Art And Life)

Hi hi hi been lousy updating, I had a baby about a year ago and then another just now, a year later! I now find myself a mother of 2 under 2 (go big or go home?) and although I consider all my paintings my babies, these little ones move so much faster. I movedContinue reading “When 2 Wake Windows Close A Painting Window Opens (In My House Of Art And Life)”

Original Surrealist Painting Of A Panda With Cub

A big panda cuddles with a panda cub in a cozy room of red peonies, pink cherry blossoms and orange kumquats! Covered in symbols of prosperity and good fortune, this painting will only bring joy to its owner. Spot the lucky bamboo and the panda paw print lantern. Painting comes with a carrot and aContinue reading “Original Surrealist Painting Of A Panda With Cub”

Original Blue Surrealist Chameleon Painting

The forever elusive indoor chameleon in a world of blue. Featuring Picasso’s guitar player from his blue period, a Smurf and the universe’s very own blue marble, Planet Earth! A toddler in a blue striped onesie draws in the corner, the only hint of orange, red and yellow comes out of his hand, the onlyContinue reading “Original Blue Surrealist Chameleon Painting”

Art For Album Cover Digital Release 🌺

Honoured I was approached to have my art as the cover design on a digital album released! The music came out this week 😀 Three Corners by Hypnosis Negative, give it a listen on band camp 🎻 Traditional folk music from Estonia 🇪🇪 Three Corners by Hypnosis Negative on Bandcamp

Painting For A Lullaby

Having a kid makes you step out of your element. One of the reasons I love painting is that I can scour through the world’s infinite library of music for hours on end while feeling productive and despite having already covered 30 something years worth of music in my little short life span, there’s stillContinue reading “Painting For A Lullaby”

Canada Post Custom Stamps

My custom stamp collection to date, use them just like regular Canadian postage! Write me at lisangart@hotmail.com to get some ordered or better yet, you can write to Canada Post and request they include me in their stamp selection process: Canada Post Stamp Selection Process I’m writing to the director of stamp services to pointContinue reading “Canada Post Custom Stamps”

What I’m Painting Right Now

Working on a tutti fruitti, seemed like a good summer move. I wanna work on a series of indoor chameleons, smaller in size, in different colours and patterns. My life is blowing up and going through so many changes right now, I could use an adaptable constant, but also they’re fun 🤩 #wip #lisangart #tuttifruitiContinue reading “What I’m Painting Right Now”

Making Art And Being A Mom

What can I say about making art and being a mom? I used to think you had to choose one or the other, like that infamous quote by performance artist, Marina Abramovic. Or that women don’t first off handedly choose to be artists but drift into that arena to fill up the space when theyContinue reading “Making Art And Being A Mom”