Proboscis Monkey In A Suit

An Ugly Animal In A Cute Outfit, this one’s in a suit and tie. A sophisticated Proboscis Monkey with a pet turtle and fish, showing off his antique collection and Persian rug. Proboscis monkeys dine on raw fruit and therefore I included a replica painting from one of my favourite movies, The Grand Budapest HotelContinue reading “Proboscis Monkey In A Suit”

Lucky September ๐Ÿ

Iโ€™ve had a booming September! My Peacock Descending A Staircase was selected for one of Saatchiart.comโ€™s New This Week curated collections. They have thousands of artworks to choose from so itโ€™s always an honour. I sold 3 prints: Peacock Descending A Staircase I sold a number of postcards and custom stamps through my Instagram: @lisangartContinue reading “Lucky September ๐Ÿ”