Autumn Is Coming!

Autumn Is Coming acrylic on canvas 40 x 30 x 1.5 inches 2021 Not for sale but prints available!

Inspired by my current pregnancy, I am finally expecting my first born this autumn! This painting comes after trying for a baby for a few years including a few unfortunate hiccups along the way. From left to right, this painting depicts the trying winter that finally led to the successful conception along with my family’s anticipation for our bundle of joy as the stork flies through the seasons as we await for our baby’s arrival in the beautiful room of autumn. Cycling through the change of seasons from the snowy winter to the budding fragrances of spring to the lush greenery of summer, we are especially looking forward to the fiery colours this fall. Germinating during baby’s gestation period, I tried to encapsulate all the emotions as I embark on this epic event in my life, my journey through the entryway of motherhood. I imagine a family of forest animals, both in life and spirit as they come out of their hiding places to wish us luck and leaving us gifts of fortune, fit for the newborn.

Things included: Momma and Poppa Bear, Mother Goose, a silver spoon, a red egg, a lucky red pocket, red booties and a clue of baby’s name to be. Can you find it?

Probably going to hang onto the original painting but lot of paper, canvas and more print options available at:

Saatchi Art:


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