Marabou Stork

A Marabou Stork, part of the Ugly Animals In Cute Outfit series. The matriarch of the family, with baby in tow and another on the way, her other half is currently out getting fish but his presence hangs on the wall. In the upper right, Paul Klee’s, 1926, “Around the Fish” painting hangs. A carnivoreContinue reading “Marabou Stork”

Long Necked Turtle In Turtle Neck

Another ugly animal in a cute outfit, this Roti Island Long Necked turtle shows off her long neck stretch in pink. Loving the pond, you can find her by the tub against Monet’s lilly pads, part of a set of Animals In Cute Outfits: Taking a seemingly unfortunate situation and seeing for what it canContinue reading “Long Necked Turtle In Turtle Neck”

Naked Mole Rat In A Cardigan

A naked mole rat in a cozy green cardigan, part of my Ugly Animals In Cute Outfits series, he hides underground only to be found under a spot light. Known better for his hearing rather than sight, he enjoys ol’ timey toons on his gramophone. Hanging out underground means coming across time capsules, fossils andContinue reading “Naked Mole Rat In A Cardigan”

Blob Fish In An Ugly Christmas Sweater

Just wanted to share my new holiday painting and wish you a Merry Christmas/Happy Hannukah/Celaboratory Kwanzaa/Good Winter Break and Well Meaning Boxing Day. Blob Fish In An Ugly Christmas Sweater acrylic on canvas 9 x 12 x 1.5 inches 2021 $400 CAD Part of my Cute Animals In Ugly Outfits series, this fella depicts aContinue reading “Blob Fish In An Ugly Christmas Sweater”

Holiday Gift Ideas, 15 Unique Presents For Friends & Family

It’s that time of year, whether you’re wondering what to get that special someone or you’ve had your eye on something for awhile, now’s the perfect time to get it! Scroll below to find 15 great holiday gift ideas!: Warthog As A Sneakerhead Holiday Card Nothing says holiday cheer like a warthog in a trackContinue reading “Holiday Gift Ideas, 15 Unique Presents For Friends & Family”

October Art & Stuff

Been a crazy time in my life! A happy time but a crazy time. I finished my painting and had a baby : ) Painting not for sale but I am open to commissions, feel free to inquire at Prints are also available at: Society6 SaatchiArt A room of zebras hiding from lions, canContinue reading “October Art & Stuff”

August Art & Stuff Update

August already? I sold my giant Albino Squirrel painting to a collector in Germany! Children’s author, Jennifer Harris who wrote, “She Stitched the Stars,” featured a miniature version of my painting, Polar Chair II in a diorama as part of her virtual book tour, what an honour! I was recently notified the same painting, PolarContinue reading “August Art & Stuff Update”