October Art & Stuff

Been a crazy time in my life! A happy time but a crazy time. I finished my painting and had a baby : ) Painting not for sale but I am open to commissions, feel free to inquire at lisangart@hotmail.com Prints are also available at: Society6 SaatchiArt A room of zebras hiding from lions, canContinue reading “October Art & Stuff”

August Art & Stuff Update

August already? I sold my giant Albino Squirrel painting to a collector in Germany! Children’s author, Jennifer Harris who wrote, “She Stitched the Stars,” featured a miniature version of my painting, Polar Chair II in a diorama as part of her virtual book tour, what an honour! I was recently notified the same painting, PolarContinue reading “August Art & Stuff Update”

Celebrating Artist Robert Farmer July 22, 1968 –

Happy Birthday to one of my favourite painters, Robert Farmer! A pop surrealist from Winnipeg, MB and now residing in Toronto ON, an inspiration and a friend, I knew Rob was a real cool cat (and weirdo) when we first crossed paths over 10 years ago and he really took to my Cannibal paintings. StartingContinue reading “Celebrating Artist Robert Farmer July 22, 1968 –”

The Last Selfies

I sold 2 paintings recently, whooo hoo! Thank you for all your support 🙉 The Proboscis Monkey packed his bags and headed off to the UK 🇬🇧 and my Booby Piggy made it to Singapore 🇸🇬 ! Originals are gone now but prints are still available 🐖 Proboscis Monkey In A Suit Saatchi Art PrintContinue reading “The Last Selfies”

Autumn Is Coming!

Inspired by my current pregnancy, I am finally expecting my first born this autumn! This painting comes after trying for a baby for a few years including a few unfortunate hiccups along the way. From left to right, this painting depicts the trying winter that finally led to the successful conception along with my family’sContinue reading “Autumn Is Coming!”

Father’s Day Gift Ideas, 10 Great Unique Art Gift Ideas For Dad

Father’s Day is coming up and you’re scratching your head, why not get him something unique, original and priceless?! Something that will last several lifetimes, something that can be passed down from generation to generation, something to remember his legacy by. Scroll through the top 10 fatherly characters below, which painting resembles your dad theContinue reading “Father’s Day Gift Ideas, 10 Great Unique Art Gift Ideas For Dad”

Celebrating Lisa Ng ( June 7, 1984 – )

Happy Birthday to the living Canadian Surrealist painter, Lisa Ng ! 🥳 Rumour has it artist Lisa Ng crawled out of a 1960s surrealist, Rene Magritte painting as an infant one magical spring evening whilst the peonies were in bloom, but medical records indicate she was more specifically born on June 7, 1984, the yearContinue reading “Celebrating Lisa Ng ( June 7, 1984 – )”

Master of None, Moments In Love Season 3: Aziz, What A Tease!

Critics critique cause they care. Critics don’t pick apart young unknowns, we only go after the big wigs. We all know, being an artist, an auteur, is hard enough as it is. To take the risk, to take the plunge, to simply be one, takes hard work, commitment, discipline, courage and on top of allContinue reading “Master of None, Moments In Love Season 3: Aziz, What A Tease!”