Original Surrealist Painting Of A Panda With Cub

Panda Flowers acrylic on canvas 12 x 12 x 1.5 inches 2022 $500 CAD

A big panda cuddles with a panda cub in a cozy room of red peonies, pink cherry blossoms and orange kumquats! Covered in symbols of prosperity and good fortune, this painting will only bring joy to its owner. Spot the lucky bamboo and the panda paw print lantern. Painting comes with a carrot and a bowl of fruit for delectable snacking. A great painting for any caregiver/”caregivee” relationship, done while the artist is just getting to know her own little toddler at 1 year of age while pregnant with her second. The family’s rocking horse came in handy.

All paintings are one of a kind originals. Finished with painted edges, 1.5 inches deep, they do not require a frame and are ready for your enjoyment, complete with hangy wire.

Original painting and prints available at:


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