When 2 Wake Windows Close A Painting Window Opens (In My House Of Art And Life)

Hi hi hi been lousy updating, I had a baby about a year ago and then another just now, a year later! I now find myself a mother of 2 under 2 (go big or go home?) and although I consider all my paintings my babies, these little ones move so much faster. I moved back to my hometown, Hamilton ON and have set up shop here and have coined it The Zoo. I needed to be closer to family, “it takes a village,” and now the village has a painter! I haven’t much time to update but rest assured, thanks to the village, am still producing.

I bought a house with a studio:

and am living with minimal furniture. Been expanding on my series of animal furnishings to compensate. I started some work with coloured pencils. It’s a great medium to use when the little ones are up and terrorizing the place. I can start and stop as needed without having to wash paint brushes to tend to what I need to:

These are 5 x 7 inch postcards in size, I’m still getting to know the medium and tinkering around, searching for a more solidified format to unify them, but here is some work in progress. I’m thinking maybe a limited edition set in the future, we’ll see:

I was rounding out this crocodile couch but then got interrupted with a commission (more below). Nearly done and will get back to him soon:

Currently finishing up this commission for another Polar Chair. My previous ones are long gone but I gotta get me some snowblower paper, tis the season. Here is a teaser, more to follow:

Also taking orders for my postcard surprise pack of 10 for $35 CAD Inquire within! They make great stocking stuffers!

How has motherhood changed me/my art? I’m not sure it has but it’s accelerated the fact that time is finite! There’s just no time for wasting. I either work on stuff I really want to work on or I don’t work on it at all. But also:

Artists make worlds, mothers make inhabitants.

Most flattering quote as of late:

“Your art makes me feel like a kid again, but in a sophisticated way!”

I should take the time to savour little nuggets like that, yeah I’m gonna ❤️


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