Chinese Salamander In Hanfu

Another ugly animal in a cute outfit, the great Chinese Salamander who hangs out by the Yangtze River, also depicted. With splotchy skin and buggy eyes, he’s also a father to be with three little eggs by his side. Decked out in a traditional Chinese dress called a Hanfu and with a hanging Chinese lanternContinue reading “Chinese Salamander In Hanfu”

Long Necked Turtle In Turtle Neck

Another ugly animal in a cute outfit, this Roti Island Long Necked turtle shows off her long neck stretch in pink. Loving the pond, you can find her by the tub against Monet’s lilly pads, part of a set of Animals In Cute Outfits: Taking a seemingly unfortunate situation and seeing for what it canContinue reading “Long Necked Turtle In Turtle Neck”