Celebrating Artist Robert Farmer July 22, 1968 –

TP Welmertz Frenzy oil and ink on panel, 24 x 18 inches 2020 by Robert Farmer

Happy Birthday to one of my favourite painters, Robert Farmer! A pop surrealist from Winnipeg, MB and now residing in Toronto ON, an inspiration and a friend, I knew Rob was a real cool cat (and weirdo) when we first crossed paths over 10 years ago and he really took to my Cannibal paintings.

Lucky Charms 36 x 36 inches by Robert Farmer

Starting art from a young age, Rob is largely a self taught maestro. Working in mostly oil on wood and sometimes painting over Laura Ashley wallpaper, old atlases and repurposed paintings from Value Village, there is no subject too taboo for him to dabble in.

Hot Dog Jesus by Robert Farmer

Caricatures of our favourite celebrity icons, Jesuses blessing hot dogs and cute fluffy bunnies in BDSM orgies are just a part of his regular repertoire. The tallest artist I know at a whopping 6 feet and 4 inches, Rob is also a self starter entrepreneur running his own successful wall painting business at Colourcoat.ca. Most recently Farmer has been struggling to keep up with supply and demand for his most topical of creations, pandemic bunnies hoarding toilet paper! Never boring, forever interesting, a hint of funny and a rare original, Rob reveals a reflection of our times and he does it through rose coloured glasses. He is also currently exhibiting at Mercury Espresso here in Toronto until the end of July! Go see it! You can find him on Facebook or on Instagram @rrobertfarmer

Robert Farmer’s current show at Mercury Espresso 915 Queen St. East Toronto on until the end of July.


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