August Art & Stuff Update

August already?

I sold my giant Albino Squirrel painting to a collector in Germany!

Children’s author, Jennifer Harris who wrote, “She Stitched the Stars,” featured a miniature version of my painting, Polar Chair II in a diorama as part of her virtual book tour, what an honour!

I was recently notified the same painting, Polar Chair II is also included in a Philip Mould video as part of his Art In Isolation, A Call to Camera series. Philip Mould is an English art dealer, gallery owner, art historian, writer and broadcaster with an Order of the British Empire. My painting sits next to the only kid featured in the video in Episode 4 😊😊

My painting Zebra Fur House was recently featured on the Saatchi Art Instagram page, as of now it’s garnered 3,245 likes, yikes! A personal record for me.

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